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Work, play, or both, residents in Denton, TX, rely on their diesel engines to get them down the road. To extend the life of your diesel truck, the expert team at Pierce Family Automotive suggests following your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance service schedule. We offer light-duty diesel maintenance services such as oil change, fluid check, diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning, tire inspection, brake inspection, and more. Coming into our auto repair shop for diesel services like this can help avoid a larger, more extensive diesel repair in the future. If you’re a diesel truck owner that pushes your vehicle to the limits with off-roading, towing large loads, or driving extended miles, then stop by and let us help design a maintenance plan for you. We’ll marry your factory service schedule with your driving style to create a diesel service schedule specific to you.

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Smoke Signals Trouble

No one likes to think about truck repair, but broken parts and accidents happen. When you need a diesel repair shop, you can depend on Pierce Family Automotive. Time, miles, and terrain all contribute to the excessive wear of a diesel engine, and one way your engine signals there’s a problem – is smoke. Black smoke indicates an incorrect air/fuel mixture. It can indicate a defective fuel injector, injector pump, excessive carbon buildup, or the need for an EGR valve repair or cleaning. Blue smoke signifies burning engine oil. Possible causes include damaged or worn-out valve guides/seals, piston rings, or seals. Finally, if you see white smoke, that means there’s coolant leaking into the engine’s combustion chamber, resulting in overheating. If you see any smoke, hear an odd noise, or notice diesel engine soot buildup, it’s time to come in for a visit. We have diesel repair experts that will pinpoint the problem, perform the necessary repair service, and get you back on the road as quickly as possible. We stand behind our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty and the promise that we’ll give your diesel truck our undivided attention.

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Pierce Family Automotive isn’t just a shop for car enthusiasts. We’re also a diesel repair shop! If you own a light duty-diesel truck in Denton, TX, schedule your routine maintenance with us by calling (940) 268-6150. And if you see smoke coming from your diesel, that’s a translation for – take me to Pierce Family Automotive quick! If you aren’t already stuck on the side of the road, delaying diesel repair service will only create a larger, more costly problem. You can even drive to us at 2301 N Masch Branch Rd #240 Denton, TX 76207 during business hours or take advantage of our after-hours drop-off/pick-up. We know you use your diesel truck for work and play, and we’re not here to distract from your business or be a fun killer. Our team of professionals wants to earn your business through quality diesel repairs you can depend on at a reasonable price. Then quickly return you to your daily schedule. If you’re a fan of five-star customer service, then you’ll want to visit us!